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Since the last recession, the issue of finding and hiring qualified, experienced loggers has become more acute, and in some cases has limited our industry’s ability to expand.  

Additionally, most regions of North America don’t offer a structured logging apprenticeship program that is designed to attract and teach young loggers the skills they need to begin a career in the woods.  


As a solution, the Adopt a High School program was created — a guide designed to assist loggers and trucking contractors develop and retain local novice talent to become valued employees within their companies. It is a means for companies to take proactive steps to engage the available workforce, and position themselves for the future.


The Adopt a High School program is designed to help loggers recruit, develop, and retain local novice talent. This self-directed toolbox provides contractors with new ways to present their business and their employment opportunities in a positive, professional image.  


The program is simple and structured. It’s designed to attract and teach young people with vocational leanings the skills needed to start a career in the woods. 


The program allows companies to develop a clear understanding of their workflow and expectations. It also helps them select a qualified candidate without going through multiple job applications and cumbersome probation periods.


Opportunity for Your Company

Instead of waiting for workers to come to you, Adopt a High School brings you and your company to the students and employees of tomorrow. 


Your one-on-one involvement provides not only a future workforce, but also the opportunity to redefine any misunderstandings students have about the industry and the logging profession. 

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