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The Pacific Forest Foundation (PFF) is the non-profit education arm of the Pacific Logging Congress. Our scholarship program is offered to students who are studying in forestry related areas.  PFF will accept applications starting in January of each year. The applications must be received in the PFF office no later than May 1st of same year.


In 1997, PLC kicked off the largest educational program in its 89-year history. We produced a comprehensive 32-page, full-color brochure on forestry and logging in the West. Along with the brochure we produced a 17-minute video that encapsulated the same story. We built an exhibit to take to teacher conferences. We produced versions for the U.S. and B.C.

Adopt a High School

Upon finishing high school, many graduates don’t want to incur student loan debt or extend their formal education. Some graduates would rather pursue an immediate opportunity to earn an income and develop a vocational aptitude that will lead to skilled employment.

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