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*1909 July 19-21, House of Hoo Hoo, Seattle, WA 


1910 Portland, OR 


1911 Vancouver, BC 


1912 Tacoma, WA— 1st Machinery Show 


*1913 Spokane, WA 

Edward P. Blake—Served from 1909-1913 


*1914 Bellingham, WA 


*1915 San Francisico, CA—Train Trip to Redwoods 

J.J. Donovan—Served from 1914-1915 


*1916 Portland, OR—Field Day—Bend, OR 


1917 Seattle, WA 


1918 Flu Epidenic—no meeting held 


*1919 Portland, OR 

W.W. Peed—Served 1916-1919 


*1920 Vancouver, BC 

Arthur J. Hendry 


*1921 San Francisco, CA—Ft. Bragg Field Day 

George W. Johnson 


*1922 Tacoma, WA 


*1923 Spokane, WA 

L.T. Murray—Served 1922-1923 


*1924 Portland, OR— Field Day Long Bell Lbr. 


1925 Seattle, WA— 3rd Machinery Show 

David E. Steward—Served 1924-1925 


1926 Vancouver, WA— 2nd Machinery Show 


1927 Tacoma, WA 

Minot Davis—Served 1926-1927 


*1928 Portland, OR— 4th Machinery Show 


1929 Seattle, WA 

R.W. Vinnedge—Served 1928-1929 


*1930 4 Day Cruise, Princess Joann 

Roundtrip to Victoria to Powell River 


1931 Spokane, WA—Field Day Potlatch 

Lewis H. Mills—Served 1930-1931 


*1932 Tacoma / Seattle, WA 


1933 Portland, OR 

Paul E. Freydig—Served 1932-1933 


*1934 Portland, OR—Field Day, West Fork Logging 

Orville R. Miller 


*1935 Vancouver, BC 

Robert J. Filberg 


*1936 Eureka, CA 

Edward P. Stamm 


*1937 Seaside, OR 

George L. Drake 


*1938 Cruise on Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA 

Walter J. Ryan 


*1939 Portland, OR 

George J. Manary 


*1940 Victoria, BC— 5th Machinery Show 

Fred B. Brown 


*1941 Seattle, WA 

Truman W. Collins 


*1942 Portland, OR 

A. A. Lausman 


*1943 Seattle, WA 

Roy F. Morse 

*1944 Seaside, OR 

Donald B. MacKenzie 


*1945 Portland, OR 

C. Dewey Anderson 


*1946 Portland, OR 

Everett G. Griggs II 

*1947 Seattle, WA— 6th Machinery Show 

Emmit Aston 


*1948 Portland, OR 

F.L. Thompson 

*1949 Seattle, WA— 7th Machinery Show 

Robert F. Dwyer 


*1950 Portland, OR 

Bruce W. Morehead 


*1951 Victoria, BC 

Sidney G. Smith 


*1952 San Francisco, CA 

Waldron Hyatt 


*1953 Seattle, WA— 8th Machinery Show 

Clyde A. Corman 


*1954 Portland, OR 

Roy A. Gould 

*1955 Victoria, BC 

James C. Sheasgreen 


*1956 San Francisco, CA 

Herbert W. MacMahan 

*1957 Seattle, WA—9th Machinery Show 

L. T. Murray Jr. 


*1958 Forestry Bldg, Porltand, OR 

Nils B. Hult 


*1959 Seattle, WA 

Gordon A. MacGregor 


*1960 Vancouver, BC 

William McMahan 

*1960 San Francisco, CA 

J.E. Pickett 


*1962 Seattle, WA 1st Summer Meeting, 

New Meadows, ID 

J.I. Morgan 


*1963 Portland, OR—10th Machinery Show 

Robert P. Conklin 


*1964 Vancouver, BC 

Don McColl 


*1965 Portland, OR—11th Machinery Show 

Robert B. Kennedy Terry 


1966 San Francisco, CA (last time held in SF) 

Otis D. Hallin 


*1967 Seattle, WA (passed away in office) 

Robert L. Martin 


*1968 Portland, OR—12th Machinery Show 

William J. Johnson 


*1969 Vancouver, BC 

William L. Keate 


*1970 Anchorage, AK—Steamer Charter to Meeting 

Arthur M. Brooks


*1971 Portland, OR—13th Machinery Show 

Warren Brown 


*1972 Seattle, WA 

Manley Brandenburg 


*1973 Vancouver, BC 

Archie Rafter 


*1974 Reno, NV 

Lowell N. Jones 


*1975 Portland, OR—14th Machinery Show 

Vince Bousquet 


*1976 Seattle, WA 

Charles F. Shotts 


*1977 Vancouver, BC 

George E. Percy 


*1978 Spokane, WA 

Pat Soderburg 


*1979 Portland, OR— 15th Machinery Show 

Guilford E. Zwight 

*1980 Reno, NV 

Edgar F. Norby 


*1981 Vancouver, BC, Canada 

W.B. “Bert” Gayle 


1982 Portland, OR— 16th Machinery Show 

Will E. Kerby

1983 Seattle, WA 

Lloyd Jones


*1984 Portland, OR— 75th Anniversary, 17th Machinery Show 

Herm Sommer


1985 Vancouver, BC, Canada 

Norm Jacobsen 


*1986 Tacoma, WA— 18th Machinery Show 

Nick Kirkmire


1987 Reno, NV 

Glen Duysen, Sierra Forest Products


1988 Portland, OR— 19th Machinery Show 
C.W. “Wil” Heath


1989 1st Live Woods Show, WA

Dean Hurn, Hoh River Timber Inc.


*1990 Vancouver, BC, Canada 

W.D. “Bill” Moore, W.D. Moore Logging


*1991 Reno, NV 

Donald Nolan, Sr.


*1992 Maui, HI 

Bill Hatch 


1993 2nd Live Woods Show – WA

Bill Hermann, Hermann Bros. Logging & Construction


1994 Reno, NV

Dave Bowden


1995 Vancouver, BC, Canada 

Gary Griffith


1996 Maui, HI

Dee Sanders, Trinity River Lumber


1997 3rd Live Woods Show – WA 

Bill Burgess Jr., Burgess Logging


1998 Las Vegas, NV

Les Findley


*1999 Kauai, HI

Buz Eades 


2000 Alaska Cruise - Vancouver, BC Canada 

Monty Hussey, Powell Daniels Contracting


2001 4th Live Woods Show – Vernonia, OR 

Joel Olson, Joel Olson Trucking Inc.


2002 San Diego, CA

Dave Wellman, Komatsu Forest


2003 Big Island, HI

Larry Duysen, Sierra Forest Products


2004 Scottsdale, AZ

Allen Ribelin, High Desert Investment Co.


2005 Victoria, BC, Canada 

Ralph Torney, RFT Industries


2006 5th Live Woods Show - Clatskanie, OR

Ed Hanscom, HM Inc.


2007 Maui, HI

Jim Petersen, The Evergreen Foundation


2008 Las Vegas, NV

John Smith, JD Highline


2009 100th Anniversary – Palm Desert, CA

L.T. “Toby” Murray III, Murrary Pacific Corp


2010 6th Live Woods Show - Clatskanie, OR

Craig Olson, Weyerhaeuser


2011 Maui, HI

Mike Pihl, Mike Pihl Logging Co Inc.


2012 Tucson, AZ 

Stanwood “Woody” Murphy Jr.


2013 Las Vegas, NV

Graham Lasure, WD Moore Logging


2014 7th Live Woods Show, Molalla, OR

Duane Evans, Port Blakely Tree Farm


2015 Big Island, HI

Todd Gordon, Caterpillar


2016 San Diego, CA

Doug Mays, Weyerhaeuser Co.


2017 Scottsdale, AZ 

Joe Miller, Trinity River Lumber

2018 8th Live In Woods Show, Corvallis, OR

Jeff Wimer, Oregon State University

2019 Big Island, HI

Don Banasky, Dorman/WCTP 

2020 & 2021 - Indian Well, CA
Wayne Settle, Ritchie Bros. 

2022 - Scottsdale, AZ
Tom Holl, Canyon Creek Logging

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