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The Adopt a High School program is designed to help loggers recruit, develop, and retain local novice talent. Adopt a High School Forestry Field Trips help interested students connect with contractors in the forest and gain insight into the job opportunities within the forest products industry. 

Many students struggle with school and cling to electives like “shop” class. Helping to plant the seeds of career opportunities for these students can give them the goal to work toward. Encouraging other classes, such as math, can give them an understanding of why there is a need and purpose to work hard in these classes too! Make logging a goal — not a Plan B — if something else doesn’t work out.


Our goal is to develop relationships with local educators and athletic coaches to encourage interested students to make logging there primary goal — not a Plan B — if something else doesn’t work out.


Many high schoolers, especially freshmen and sophomores, who haven’t picked a career yet and don’t want to attend college, may benefit from exposure to the varying career opportunities in the forest products industry.


If you think your students would benefit from a Forestry Field Trip please fill out the form below.

Once a forestry field trip has been scheduled you will need the following forms.

Parental Consent Form

Liability Form

Other form

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