2018-19 Scholars Chosen

This year 50 students applied for PLC scholarships. That's almost twice as many applicants as previous years. With a large number of deserving students, and the board found the selection difficult.

Congratulations to 16 amazing students. These future forestry leaders have been awarded $18,000 in scholarships.


$2,000, Nicholas Swanson - OSU, Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering

$2,000, Daniel Virtue - OSU, Forest Engineering

$2,000, Trevor Sartnurak - OSU, Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering

$2,000, Cole Smith - OSU, Forest Management

$2,000, Sam Neil - OSU, Natural Resources/Forest Operations Mgmt.

$1,000, Emilee Muir - Green River College, Forestry Management

$1,000, Seth Eades - OSU, Forest Engineering

$1,000, Hunter Knox - OSU, Forest Engineering

$1,000, Aoife Fae - Univ. of Washington, ESRM (Sustainable Forest Mgmt.)

$ 500, Marco Rocha Ilbarra - OSU, Forestry — Management & Restoration

$500, Kimberly Ortiz - Umpqua Community College, Forest Management

$500, Ross Griffith, University of Northern B.C., Forest Ecology

$500, Mallory Pappas, Calif. Polytechnic State Univ., Forestry and Natural Resources

$500, Reihana Fisher, University of Canterbury, Bachelor of Forestry Science


$750, Callie Baker, Linn Benton Comm. College, Welding and Fabrication Technology

$750, Dustin Harvey, AVTEC, Welding

And thank you to the PFF Executive Board for your time in making this difficult selection.

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