Volunteer for the PLC Live In-Woods Show

The Pacific Logging Congress Live In-Woods Show, held September 13-15, in Corvallis, Oregon, will be here before you now it.

Every successful event hinges on fabulous volunteers. The PLC event is no different. We will need a number of volunteers to make things run smoothly. Volunteer duties will include:

• Running the PLC registration tents (cashier, registration, etc.)

• Manning education stations

• Traffic direction/control

• Signage

• Bus traffic control/parking

• Site prep

• School bus hostess

• Pro logger session coordination • Move in - Move Out

• Drivers

• Auction and dinner assistance

• And more . . .

If you have volunteered in the past, we welcome you back again. If you have never volunteered before, please consider it this year. It's fun. You get to know some great people. And you'll make a difference, because every volunteer hour will help lighten the workload and increases the impact of the event. Not to mention, you get a cool T-shirt!

To volunteer please contact Diane Mettler at 360-832-1745 or at diane@pacificloggingcongress.com and let her know what you're interested in doing.

And to those of you who have already volunteered . . . Thank you!

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